Virtual Internship Program

The VIP is an opportunity to participate in remote internship with a carefully vetted host organization in the USA with an option of stipend, on the successful completion of the program. This program will provide interns with opportunity to continue the exploration and advancement of their career goals. Intern will be assigned a direct supervisor and will work remotely (from home country) with a team of professionals at the host organization to ensure that the experience is fulfilling and rewarding.

+ Placement in the relevant field of academic background or competencies for 3 - 6 months
+ Part Time and Full Time Internship Positions
+ Personalized Attention from Staff in Supervisory Role
+ Letter of Recommendation; on program completion
+ Certificate of Completion from Host Organization
+ Opportunity and Likelyhood to resume an in-person internship with Host Organization in future
+ Program cost is significantly lower

* Virtual internship saves cost and the only fee is associated with placement; no travel or housing cost to incure.
* Virtual internship usually allows you to plan your schedule around the program. You will not be working a regular or regimented work hours but only as required for online meetings. You may complete assigned tasks around the program schedule.
* Virtual internship does not require travel and what you need is your devices and internet access. You may do your work from anywhere in the world and communicate remotely using new technology.
* You will be required to work independently and show the ability to meet deadlines. This requires a motivated self-starter and you must be able to organise your own schedule and meet deadlines. All your interactions will be tracked on your projects and meetings hence a sense of responsibility is crucial.

FIELDS (Current Openings in the USA)
/Accounting and Finance
/Business Administration
/Computer IT
/Computer Programming
/Computer Software Development
/Customer Service
/Design, Creative
/Energy Engineers
/Graphic Design
/Industrial Engineering
/Marketing Online, Sales, Social Media

To register and apply for the Virtual Internship Program, please visit the registration page.